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From: Sergio Izquierdo
Subject: [Phptest-devel]
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 13:07:15 -0600

Hi I am using phptest, but I have problems with it! I use spanish characters like ñ á í ó é ú, and the program shows problems.
1. Introducing all the ansvers and questions with Netscape in linux using this characters, then this answers and questions are displayed badly with other characters.
2. Introducing all the ansvers and questions with Internet Explorer using this characters, they are displyaed well then, but for example havin the folowing question
Question? ááááá
Correct Answe: ñ
incorrect answer 1: jjj2
incorrect answer 2: jjj12
incorrect answer 3: jjj1
incorrect answer 4: j1jj
When you are a stundent answering the test, it does not matter if you anser "ñ" because the sistem will take it like a wrong answer.  I mean it does not campare well the answer with the correct answer.
Hope I have explained my self well
Sergio Izquierdo

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