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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Problems with mail and quotas

From: Simon Ward
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Problems with mail and quotas
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 11:04:09 +0100
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Well, it seems that a complete reinstall from scratch has solved the email problem.

I'm still experiencing the same problems with the filemanager though :(

I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any pointers on what may be the cause of the quota assignment field not appearing in user manager. is it possible that there is a missing attribute in the ldap directory or is the quota info stored in SQL ?


Simon Ward wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions Chris,
Nope, I'm not using IMAPS here, I may do eventually but I'm trying to get a simple configuration working first. I've been trying to set the custom checkbox, but when I set it and fill in the relevant details when I refresh the page the values return to the defaults, this is why I was suspecting a permissions related problem.

The quota setting is not there in any of the templates (I've tried all of them :) )

At the moment this server is simply a test bed for evaluating phpgroupware so I'm not hugely bothered about the security of it as the production phpgroupware system will be properly configured if we decide to deploy it (if we can get it to work).


Chris Weiss wrote:

are you using imaps? if so you need to make a cert for your imap server. If you're using the perfs to set the custom setings you need to make sure the Use
Custom checkbox is checked.

The quota setting is there when you edit an account.  There used to be a
couple templates that didn't have it but I think those are all fixed by now.

For permissions, read the install and security howto, you don't want 777 on the whole dir unless you like being hacked. You only need 77 on the file storage dir (specified in setup), which should be outside of your web root. You have to create this dir and set world write on it manualy, php cannot do
this for you.

Simon Ward (address@hidden) wrote:
Hi all,
I'm having some problems with a newly installed phpgroupware
( (Debian)) setup :

*When I attempt to view email I get this error :

There was an error trying to connect to your mail server.
Please, check your username and password, or contact your admin.

source: email

called from: , mail_msg: ensure_stream_and_folder(), called_from: from
mail_msg_base: loginerr_tryagain_buggy_cert FOR , msg_bootstrap:
ensure_mail_msg_exists(), called_by: email.boindex.index_data LINE 353

imap_last_error: [No error returned from server]
tried RH bug recovery?: [1]

*I have been through the email settings page and filled out the correct
custom settings for this test account but when I return to the page
again the settings have returned to the defaults and disabled the custom
settings. I'm using Courier IMAP as the mail server.

In the filemanager none of the icons for folder up etc are appearing,
I'm simply seeing red 'X's instead.
It also seems that the quota settings are not being picked up as the
filemanager module is reverting to a 4k quota. From searching the
mailing list archives I see that there is supposed to be a setting for
quotas in the user account section, this doesn't appear either.

Can anyone give me some pointers on why this is happening, I've reset
the permissions on the entire phpgroupware folder to 777 in case this
was a permissions issue but that had no effect.

I've also updated to the most recent CVS version, but that hasn't had
any effect.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Simon Ward

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