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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Can't delete emails anymore in

From: Chris Weiss
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Can't delete emails anymore in
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 00:52:39 +0000

I know that when using IMAP this error happens when there is no Trash folder, 
pop3 doesn't support trash folders so this is taking the shape of a major bug.

Marcus Valentine (address@hidden) wrote*:
>I had working fine. I've upgraded to (via cvs). With
>the email app (not FelaMiMail), now when I try to delete a message, this
>error appears at the top of the page:
>mail_msg(_wrappers): flush_buffered_move_commmands: LEAVING on ERROR,
>$imap_err: [] return False LINE 1576
>command was: $GLOBALS[phpgw_dcom_0]->dcom->mail_move(i:0; ,2,
>and the email message doesn't get deleted.
>Does this app require imap support to be enabled in PHP (it isn't - I'm
>using POP3). What's changed from when it worked before?
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