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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] My PHPGWAPI stopped not working in Windows

From: Gregor McCarthy
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] My PHPGWAPI stopped not working in Windows
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 00:20:29 +1000 (E. Australia Standard Time)

Even more info and a possible cause...

I think the issue is PHP itself and no, I'm not the tradesman
blaming the tools :-)

PHP for Windoze comes in 2 flavours, an unstable dll and a stable .exe

I use phpisapi.dll with SquirrelMail and it works properly.
I cannot use the .exe with Squirrelmail as a user can never log in
(redirection issues)

The opposite is true for PHPGWare.
I use php.exe and PHPGW runs without visible errors or warning
Using phpisapi.dll with PHPGW doesn't work as a user can never log
in ( redirection issues)

I think MY particular problem is that when using the .exe under
Windoze the O/S prevents the webserver from accessing the dll's or
files required to get the PHPGWAPI stuff running.


> I still haven't fixed this problem. This is just a follow up to
> this and a bit more info.

> I have re-installed PHPGW and this time I used the command line
> to create the database and assign permissions (not phpmyadmin).
> No
> change at all.
> I can still add/remove the application phpgwapi and the
> tables,hooks etc are created and dropped accordingly.
> Regards
> Gregor
>> I had a working test install of PHPGW 0.914 on Win2k Pro, IIS
>> 5.0 and PHP 4.23.
>> I physically deleted the install, dropped the database, created
>> a new database, assigned permissions and reinstalled PHPGW.
>> Setup seemed to run fine, was created the new
>> database was populated by setup with 20 tables and 603 records
>> and I can install and remove applications.
>> However this application always has a red cross.
>> phpgwapi-OK - C  phpgwapi
>> Consequently most of the other applications have dependency
>> errors with the API failing.
>> Any suggestions ? (I have tried reinstalling)
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