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[Phpgroupware-users] Company Directory (HR) app

From: Dave Hall
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Company Directory (HR) app
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 17:46:18 +1000

Ok here is the info people have been after.  I have broken this into two
parts.  The first is for new users.  While the other is for those who
have a broken setup of the app.

>From scratch
1 Install the app as per normal
2 Create a all user group (if you have not already)
3 Add a addressbook ACL entry for this group so the "all users" group
can read "all user" group entries in the addressbook.
4 Create a users called "global" with a name of "Global Info" (you'll
see why later)
5 Add them to you all users group
6 Create a global addressbook category called "Company Directory"
7 Login as this user
8 Go into the hr app
9 Select the first user in your list
10 Click the Add button - in the line profile
11 Fill out all the relevant info
12 user ++ 
13 while more users to be done goto 9 //yes i know this is bad code ;)
14 Rejoice you have complete the process

NOTE: the names above have been changed to protect the innocent.  You
can change them again to what ever you want.

How to fix it if you have a broken install

NOTE: this is designed for contacts installed in (my)SQL.  It will not
work for LDAP contacts and may need changing for pgsql.

Step 0 BACKUP YOUR PHPGW DB - this is common sense ... but just to make
sure you don't forget ... backup your phpgw db!!!!!!

FIX METHOD 1 - this is if you have scattered hr entries already
1 Fire up a mysql session
2 Check you have a broken install with this SQL:
  FROM phpgw_addressbook
  If result is 0 then use new install instructions

3 Follow steps 2-6 from new install instrcutions above

4 Get the Company Directory cat id using this SQL:
  SELECT cat_id
  FROM phpgw_categories
  WHERE cat_appname = 'addressbook'
  AND cat_name = 'Company Directory';

  Write down the result (i will call this $MY_CAT_ID from now on)

5 Get the 'global data' user id with this SQL:
  SELECT account_id
  FROM phpgw_accounts
  WHERE account_lid = 'global';

  Write down the result (I will call this $G_USER_ID from now on)

6 Reassign ownership with this SQL:
  UPDATE phpgw_addressbook
  SET owner = $G_USER_ID,
  cat_id = $MY_CAT_ID

7 Find any duplicates with this SQL:
  SELECT addressbook_id, lid
  WHERE owner = $G_USER_ID
  AND cat_id = $MY_CAT_ID;
  NOTE: You may want to use extra fields here you choice

8 Delete duplicates from the addressbook using this SQL:
  DELETE FROM phpgw_accounts
  WHERE account_id IN ($DUP_ID_1, $DUP_ID_2, etc);
  Note $DUP_ID_x is the account_id you wish to delete

9 Rejoice you have fixed your install.

FIX METHOD 2 - You have all your users in the addressbook but not in the
company directory.

1 Follow steps 3-6 from FIX METHOD 1

2 Find all your user ids using this SQL:
  SELECT account_lid
  FROM phpgw_accounts
  WHERE account_type = 'u';
  2b Print this out

3 Find all your staff in the addressbook using this SQL:
  SELECT addressbook_id, fn
  FROM phpgw_accounts;

4 Using the print copy of your accounts from step 2 match the
addressbook ids against your account list - Write the addressbook id
next to the account entry

5 Update your addressbook data using this SQL and you print off
  UPDATE phpgw_addressbook
  SET owner = $G_USER_ID,
  cat_id = $MY_CAT_ID,
  lid = '$USER_LID'
  WHERE addressbook_id = $ADDRESSBOOK_ID;
  The values are the pairs you wrote down in step 4

6 Goto 5 until all users are assigned

7 Rejoice you have fixed it.

These suggestions should work for fixing the various problems with the
Company Directory/HR app.



PS - If they don't work for you restore your data and you are no worse off.

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