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Does port tcp check writes anything to the socket?

From: Nestor Urquiza
Subject: Does port tcp check writes anything to the socket?
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 11:43:44 -0400

Hi guys,

We monitor a provider server using the below:


check host with address

if failed port 9000 type tcp with timeout 15 seconds

   then alert


However the provider logs are constantly complaining about socket failures. Detailed inspection allowed me to determine that the provider service actually does that when at least three characters are written to the socket so basically the below will make the server complaint:


exec 3<>/dev/tcp/${HOST}/${PORT}; echo -e "\n\n\n" >&3; exec 3>&


Any three characters will do really. If nothing is written to the port or less than three characters are written there will be no error messages.

The question would be then if there is a way to tell monit not to write anything to the socket?


- Nestor

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