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monit: Unknown SSL version!

From: Marcus Mülbüsch
Subject: monit: Unknown SSL version!
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2013 14:03:09 +0100
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I tried to test out mmonit. Everything works fine so far; however I cannot get ozr external server to register in mmonit.

After punching the holes in the external and internal firewalls I can access the mmonit server just fine: Trying out to connect with links results in "Method: GET not allowed for this URL" in links and a corresponding entry in the "localhost_access.log"; plus I can trace the packets through the firewalls just fine.

   However, an "monit validate" on the external server results in

monit: Unknown SSL version!
M/Monit: cannot open a connection to -- 
Operation now in progress
M/Monit: no server available

First I thought it was a problem with using a newer SSL-Version on the mmonit-Server, but downgrading to openssl-0.9.8k did not help.

This is completely new to me, I did not have any problems with different distributions or openssl versions so far.

mmonit runs on a Gentoo VServer Guest, with kernel 2.6.35-vs2. with baselayout-2.1, openrc- and openssl-1.0.1c.

The external server runs Ubuntu 10.04.4 LT with kernel 2.6.32-45-server and "OpenSSL 0.9.8k 25 Mar 2009".

   Any pointers?

Thank you,

Marcus Mülbüsch

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