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Re: SMTP test failing, when others tests don't

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: SMTP test failing, when others tests don't
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 13:04:35 +0200

Hello Len,

the SMTP error is reported by monit protocol test after successful TCP connect 
was established - monit didn't receive expected response. The telnet and nmap 
-sT do only the TCP connect part, but do not perform the request/response phase.

To problem can be related to the following bug which is fixed in upcoming 
monit-5.2.5 (to be released very soon):

* Fix Debian bug #614984: smtp protocol test issues both EHLO and
  HELO.  Thanks to Sergey B Kirpichev for report.

To verify the root cause, we need network trace of the communication between 
monit and the SMTP server (for example using tcpdump).

Best regards,

On Mar 27, 2011, at 8:06 PM, Len Conrad wrote:

> Since we upgraded monit to latest version last Friday, this item:
> check host exch1.server.tld-SMTP with address exch1.server.tld
> if failed port 25 protocol smtp with timeout 2 seconds 5 times within 5 
> cycles then alert
> This began failing on one monit machine, so we added it to another monit 
> machine, where it fails, also.  
> We don't get an alert every time because the test doesn't fail 5 times in 5 
> cycles, but monit.log has lots of:
> [ Mar 27 09:59:10] error    : SMTP: error receiving data -- Resource 
> temporarily unavailable
> [ Mar 27 09:59:10] error    : 'exch1.server.tld-SMTP' failed protocol test 
> [SMTP] at INET[exch1.server.tld:25] via TCP
> However, from either of the two monit machines:
> telnet exch1.server.tld 25
> and 
> nmap a.b.c.d -p 25 -sT
> ... work every time, and quickly.
> Len
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