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Re: check file timestamp bug?

From: MosheC
Subject: Re: check file timestamp bug?
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 05:48:39 -0700 (PDT)

May I suggest to do something similar to allow file size tests for non
existent files.
If you consider the size of a non-existing file to be -1, it seems things
will work out reasonably


Jan-Henrik Haukeland wrote:
> On 21. sep. 2007, at 04.23, Alex Stewart wrote:
>> I am having a problem with monit that occurs in both v4.8.1 and v4.9
>> and the changelog (
>> appears to specifically state that the bug was fixed in v4.8:
>> ("Removed a feature introduced in 4.7 which tested that a check-file,
>> check-directory or check-fifo actually refered to an existing object
>> of that type.  Monit should not require these file objects to exist at
>> startup.")
> This refer to paths in a check entry, e.g. you can write
> check file testMat_pidfile with path /var/run/
> without monit complaining at startup if /var/run/ does not  
> exist. With regards to the timestamp test monit expect this file to  
> exist so it can take an initial timestamp at startup and compare the  
> file stamp in subsequent runs. However I can see your point when  
> monitoring in non-active mode. I have changed the monit code in CVS  
> to allow the "if changed timestamp" test to refer to a non-existing  
> file so we are consistent. Note that this mean the initial timestamp  
> will be 0 and as long as the file does not exist monit will issue an  
> alert (in active mode). As soon as the file exist, the test "if  
> changed timestamp" will be true and execute its action. The timestamp  
> is saved and the next time the test run it will work as expected.
>> Given the wording of the changelog for v4.8 - and what would seem to
>> be logical behaviour (why should monit check for files that are mode
>> manual until the group has been started?) this would appear to be a
>> bug.
> The change will be part of the next monit release or you may check it  
> out from CVS[1] now if you want to test.
> Jan-Henrik
> [1] Use these instructions to check out from CVS http:// 
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