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pidfile/start: wait for X cycles before restart

From: dAniel hAhler
Subject: pidfile/start: wait for X cycles before restart
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 00:56:31 +0200


monitoring a service with "pidfile" and having a "start" command
given, monit will start this process, if it does not exist anymore.

I'd like to give a number of cycles for how long monit should wait
before it restarts the service, similar to the general "[<X>] <Y>
CYCLES". E.g., monit would wait for 1 cycle before restarting (instead
of 0).

The reason is just in the process of being manually restarted, e.g. by
logcheck and monit should not conflict with it.

I see that a workaround to this would be to no bypass monit in e.g.
"logrotate" or when manually restarting a service, but think that this
is only a workaround, no solution.

I'm not sure if the optional <X> here would make sense and where to
add it: maybe to the "start" command?

What do you think?

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