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Re: pidfile/start: wait for X cycles before restart

From: Aleksander
Subject: Re: pidfile/start: wait for X cycles before restart
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 00:15:53 +0300
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Martin Pala wrote:

the solution is to restart the service via monit (for example "monit restart myservice") ... this can be done easily by modification of the logrotate script for the given service.

The problem with using monit restart whatever, is that after a cycle monit sends an alert telling me the ppid has changed. Usually to 0 or 1. This happens mostly with dhcpd, I think I've seen something similar with smb. An alert == an sms, so it's annoying (and sms should be annoying!).

Anyway, I usually do monit unmonitor whatever && /etc/init.d/whatever restart && monit monitor all/whatever.

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