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Re: Apache, rotatelogs & chroot environment

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: Apache, rotatelogs & chroot environment
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 14:10:24 +0100

I agree with Martin, this looks useful, but must be placed in it's own apache protocol test with a corresponding APACHE (status) keyword. There should also be a way to specify the log-process limit in the control file. Finally the patch need to conform C89 and define variables at the top of the function. I don't think monit should be C-99 just yet :)

If this is fixed I'm also +1 for adding this patch.

On Dec 5, 2004, at 11:49, Martin Pala wrote:

Thanks, looks good :)

I think it could be better to create new protocol test (for example called 'apache') instead of placing it to general 'http' protocol test.

This can separate generic http and system dependent tests.

In such case you can hardcode the uri for apache status in this new module (syntax will not allow request specification for apache protocol - it is not needed anymore).

This will simplify the usage (no special context). You can combine apache test and generic http tests when it is needed to test other url's as well, for example:

 if failed host port 80
    protocol APACHE then restart

 if failed host port 80
    protocol HTTP request "/some/path" then restart

I'm +1 to add the patch in the form of new module

Good work :)


David Fletcher wrote:
Here is a patch for monit/protocols/http.c, based in the 4.4 release. With this patch Monit will check the status of an Apache server using the mod_status page
available at
to see if logging is working successfully.
If there are more than 50% of active httpd processes logging (i.e. there is a problem with logging) then the server is re-started. I was originally thinking about a chroot specific problem, but this patch is completely general. Other status messages could also be
checked, as well as the ones about logging.
The /etc/monitrc entry looks like this:
   if failed host port 80
       protocol HTTP request /server-status/?auto then restart
I have tested it, and it seems to work well. The original behaviour of http.c is retained for any other page request given in the monitrc file. During testing I have found that if httpd processes become locked because they can't log, a request for server-status generates a new child process, and gives a correct report on the condition of the server. Only if there are very rapid incoming connections or a very low maximum number of httpd processes will the server-status page become inaccessible. In this case the server will be re-started because the connection to it will fail. I hope this is useful to people running Monit and Apache to avoid server lock-up if logging fails. If people don't want to include it in the Monit distribution, I can put in
on my website for people to download.
Best wishes,
diff -Naur http.c http_apache.c
--- http.c      Sat Dec  4 00:21:34 2004
+++ http_apache.c       Sat Dec  4 00:32:40 2004
@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@
 static int check_request(Socket_T s);
 static char *get_host_header(Socket_T s, char * host);
 static int check_request_checksum(Socket_T s, char *checksum, int);
+static int check_apache_status(Socket_T s);
@@ -113,8 +114,12 @@
   if(request_checksum) {
return check_request_checksum(s, request_checksum, request_hashtype);
-  return check_request(s);
+  +  if(strcmp(request, "/server-status/?auto")){
+    return check_request(s);
+  }else{
+    return check_apache_status(s);
+  }
 @@ -276,3 +281,75 @@
   return TRUE;
+ * Check an Apache server to detect logging difficulties
+ * Do this using the server-status report, which will only be
+ * available if the server is still responding to some extent.
+ * Could be expanded to monitor other server-status messages.
+ * @param s A socket
+ * @return TRUE if the respons is valid otherwise FALSE
+ */
+static int check_apache_status(Socket_T s) {
+  +  char line[STRLEN];
+  char search_string[STRLEN];
+  int scored = 0;
+  +  if(! check_request(s))
+    return FALSE;
+  +  while(NULL != socket_readln(s, line, STRLEN)) {
+ if(starts_with(line, "Scoreboard:")) { + if(1 != sscanf(line, "%*s%*[: ]%s", search_string)) {
+       chomp(line, STRLEN);
+       log("HTTP error: parsing Apache status response '%s'\n", line);
+       return FALSE;
+      }else{
+        scored = 1;
+      }
+    }
+  }
+  +  DEBUG("Scoreboard: %s\n", search_string);
+ + /*Check that some scoreboard line was found, if not return an error*/
+  if(!scored){
+ log("HTTP error: no scoreboard line returned by Apache server-status\n");
+    return FALSE;
+  }
+  +  int no_L,active_servers;
+  double logging;
+  char *p;
+ + /*Percentage of Apache child processes that may be logging before a restart*/
+  double logging_limit = 50;
+  +  no_L = 0;
+  active_servers = 0;
+ + /*Currently only logging processes, further types could be added*/
+  for(p = search_string ; *p ; p++){
+    active_servers++;
+    switch(*p){
+    case 'L':
+      no_L++;
+      break;
+    case '.':
+      active_servers--;
+      break;
+    }
+  }
+  +  logging = 100 * no_L / active_servers;
+  +  if(logging > logging_limit){
+ log("HTTP error: %3.0f percent of Apache processes are logging\n", logging);
+    return FALSE;
+  }  +  return TRUE;

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