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[Announce] monit 4.4-beta5

From: Martin Pala
Subject: [Announce] monit 4.4-beta5
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 10:37:27 +0200
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The monit 4.4-beta5 is available:

Download from:
MD5 checksum:  0f2c297e18587d23df7909603cac461b  monit-4.4-beta5.tar.gz
Change log:

We ask that as many as possible will help us in testing this beta.

CHANGES since version 4.3:

Version 4.4-beta5

*  Fixes for Darwin (Mac OS X). Thanks to Rick Robino <rrobino
   at wavedivision!com> for provided access to the platform.

*  Fixes for OpenBSD 3.x (tested on OpenBSD 3.5)

*  Fixes of system-wide memory and cpu usage for Linux 2.4.x kernel
   in new process code. Thanks to Andreas Rust <rust at webnova!de>
   and John Barton <jbarton at technicalworks!net> for reporting
   the problem and helping with testing.

*  Display load average using two decimal positions.

Version 4.4-beta4

*  Added support for FreeBSD 5.x (tested on FreeBSD 5.2.1)

*  PLATFORMS file updated

*  Use appropriate status element names for load average xml
   formated status fields

*  FreeBSD related process code refactored and native process
   statistic interface implemented (tested on FreeBSD 4.10 and 5.2.1)

*  Display device space usage using free blocks for non-superuser in the
   monit http interface service overview page. Previous versions showed
   correct number, but including space reserved for superuser, which is
   not accessible for normal users

*  PACKAGES file added to the distribution

*  Added Mac OS X Startup Item for monit. You can find it in contrib
   directory. Thanks to Rick Robin <rrobino at wavedivision!com>

Version 4.4-beta3

*  Fix Solaris filedescriptor leak

*  Fixes of FreeBSD system dependent process code. Thanks to Sebastian
   Zander <szander at swin!edu!au>

*  Fix FreeBSD autoconf header test related warnings

*  HTML, XML and text output consolidation

*  Monitoring status presentation fix (the strings 'initializing' and
   'monitored' were switched by mistake in 4.4-beta2)

*  XML status extended to report all service parameters and system wide

*  Text status extended to report all service parameters and system wide

*  Add status data collection timestamp

Version 4.4-beta2

*  Fix SystemInfo_T type in system dependent process code for AIX,
   DARWIN, FREEBSD, HPUX and OPENBSD process code.

*  Fix monitoring mode description to support m/monit management.

*  Print icmp response time in debug mode or 'monit validate' command.

*  Realign the 'monit status' command output.

Version 4.4-beta1

*  Add --without-accurate-mem-calcs configure option. This option
   will cause on linux the usage of faster, but less accurate memory
   calculations. Default is accurate.

*  "monit -H filename" or "monit -H < filename" prints the MD5/SHA1
   hash of the supplied file.

*  SET MAILSERVER can use mail servers on other ports than 25 using
   the optional PORT statement for each server.

*  Refactoring of monit HTTP interface's service state reporting.
   The state of any service's parameter is now reported by red
   font in the case of error.

*  The monit http server now presents data collected in last main
   thread's check cycle - it will no more gather the data itself.
   It makes the http request's response much faster and consistent
   with what main thread thinks about sevices, on the other side
   the presented data may be up to daemon poll timeframe old.

*  Monitoring status now shows 'initializing' value until service
   data will be collected. You can see this state typicaly before
   first testing cycle will finish after monitoring was enabled
   for given service or immediately after monit startup.

*  Display actual response time for ICMP Echo test in monit
   HTTP interface.

*  Display actual response time for port connection test in monit
   HTTP interface.

*  Display actual timestamp for file and directory service page in monit
   HTTP interface.

*  New EVENT_ICMP type was added and ICMP related tests are now mapped
   to it. Previous version used common EVENT_CONNECTION for port
   connection and ICMP test types.

*  Fix race condition between threads in the case of monit reload.
   When service stop was issued via http interface during monit
   reload, it was able to cause the crash. Monit will not accept
   connections to its http interface during reload now. Thanks
   to Peter Holdaway <pholdaway at technocom-wireless!com> for
   reporting the problem.

*  Fix double free of memory in http engine which can lead to
   monit stack corruption and freeze or crash of monit during

*  Fix possible monit crash on opteron based systems. Thanks to Hans
   Rauch <h!rauch at help!hessen!de> for reporting the problem.

*  Return the base status page URL in the case that action was called
   via service URL action parameter in monit HTTP interface. This
   prevents the unwanted action repetition in the case of page

*  In the case that the monitored file's or directory's uid, gid
   or permission failed, display the invalid value and warning
   in monit HTTP interface in red font instead of green and vice
   versa in the case that the parameter will recover. Thanks to
   Andreas Rust <rust at webnova!de> for reporting the problem.

*  In the case that checksum test was specified for file, display
   actual checksum for monitored file in monit HTTP interface.
   In the case that checksum failure will occure, highligth
   the bad value by red font and display warning message in
   service status field. Thanks to Vlada Macek
   <tuttle at bbs!fsik!cvut!cz> for reporting the problem.

*  Set content type properly to 'text/xml' for xml output format
   of status page (http://localhost:2812/_status?format=xml). Thanks
   to Vlada Macek <tuttle at bbs!fsik!cvut!cz> for reporting
   the problem.

*  Fix Solaris 7 autoconf related compilation problem.

*  Fixes for Sun Forte C compiler support.

*  Fix compile-time warning for the 64-bit monit version. Thanks
   to Pavel Urban <urbanp at mlp!cz> for reporting the problem.

*  Minor simplification of internal service control interface.

*  Log the start of monit http thread each time. During monit
   reload was not the message related to http start logged.

*  In the case that monit was reloaded and some service was in failed
   state in the same moment, reset the error flag as soon as the service
   will recover after reload. Previous version kept the error flag
   though the service recovered until another failed&passed pair

*  In the case that the service is not monitored, monitored object
   doesn't exist or the data gathering failed, display the state
   description in different font color and the '-' characters instead
   of actual service parameters' values. The 'not monitored' state has
   the highest priority over errors which the service migth had before
   monitoring was disabled.

*  In the case that it is not possible to obtain actual timestamp for
   monitored file or directory, produce data access error event instead
   of timestamp failed.

*  ICMP echo test will not skip the testing of ports on remote host in
   the case of failure, bacause it is possible that though ICMP echo
   will fail (for example because of network configuration problem), the
   service port will be accessible.

*  Display expected timeout value for port connection test rule in monit
   HTTP interface.

*  Event messages were consolidated to contain the related service name
   on the beggining of the message.

*  Process resource engine was partly rewritten. It includes code clean
   up and seperation of output data and data gathering.

*  Fix width of html output in monit http interface.

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