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RE: monitor remote service,and mail queue

From: Ugo Bellavance
Subject: RE: monitor remote service,and mail queue
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 22:37:26 -0400

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>De : Lucas Albers [mailto:address@hidden
>Envoyé : 8 juillet, 2004 19:29
>À : address@hidden
>Objet : monitor remote service,and mail queue
>I have a mail relay that forwards mail to an internal mail server.
>I want to be notified if the external mail server becomes really slow.
>What is the correct way to monitor this in monit?

You can only be notified if it doesn't respond.  And I think you can specify 
the delay.

>I'm aware of the syntax for monitoring a port.
>Can you monitor a port as part of a service group, and not 
>have it monitor
>a process?

Yes.  Have a look to the doc or the samples in the config file.

>Related question, lets' say I want to notifed if the mail 
>queue goes above
>a certain number of messages, indicating some delay on an internal mail
>server or similar.
>What is the best way to monitor this via monit?

I don't think you can use monit for that, but I'm not sure.  What you can do 
though is write a shell script that will count how much message you've got in 
your queue every x minutes and send you an e-mail if it is above some level.

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