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[Announce] monit 4.0-beta6

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: [Announce] monit 4.0-beta6
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 04:35:34 +0200
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FYI: This is hopefully the latest beta release and if all goes well it
will be promoted to a full release in a couple of days. But please,
download and test this release for us!

The monit 4.0-beta6 is available from:


This is a stable beta, and we ask that as many as possible will help
us in testing this beta. We have tested this release on Linux, Solaris
and on FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

There are many and big changes compared with the latest 3.2 release.
To many to mention here, please check out the CHANGES.txt file.

To get a quick overview of some of the new features in this release,
please check out the on-line presentation at (included in the software

And you can browse through the updated manual here (included):


Finally, everyone loves a screen shoot:

Changes in this beta from previous beta releases (most recently
changes first):

*  Fixed race condition related to monit httpd server stop. Monit now
   waits for its httpd to terminate gracefully before freeing memory
   and closing filedescriptors.

*  Fixed race condition related to SIGINT and SIGTERM signals which
   if catched during monit exit phase can cause recurrent exit handler

*  Don't try to stop monit httpd and close daemon related files if monit
   was not started in daemon mode and received SIGTERM or SIGINT.

*  Improved the total memory resource test to compute a more correct
   memory value. Please note; The thread implementation on Linux, plus
   other factors makes it hard to compute a correct value on this OS.
   This particular statement is therefor not recommended on Linux and
   a warning is issued if used.

*  The option -i was removed because it was useless. Note: The option
   -I which is used for starting monit under init's control is not
   affected by this change.

*  The remote host check syntax was changed from:
        check host
       check host <name> with address
   See the presentation slides for an example.

*  Computing a proper percent in the mem-resource statement.  Previous
   versions computed a wrong percent value. The mem-statement; 
   'if mem > 80% then restart' will now work properly. Thanks to
   Mostafa Hosseini <address@hidden> for the error report and

*  Bug fix for Unix sockets. Using Unix socket in a previous beta
   release produced an Assert Exception. Thanks again to Mostafa
   Hosseini <address@hidden> for the error report and patch.

*  The device code is changed so it will always report if a device is
   mounted or not, previous beta releases only checked a device if an
   if-test was used in a check device entry.

*  Fixed the problem, where monit identified a running process as non-
   running. Thanks to Shannon E. Reall <address@hidden> for reporting the

*  Monit does not use /proc/kcore on Linux anymore. This makes it
   possible to use monit on a 2.4 kernel with the grsecurity patch and
   on a 2.6 kernel with architectures such as ARM. Thanks to Arkadiusz
   Miskiewicz <address@hidden> for reporting the problem and
   providing the patch.

*  Updated the presentation, added a slide for testing a device and
   added some nice icons to the architecture slide.

Jan-Henrik Haukeland

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