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Re: Re [to all]: good news :-)

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: Re [to all]: good news :-)
Date: 25 Jul 2002 15:52:50 +0200
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Thomas Oppel <address@hidden> writes:

> I've addded Igor's mail to PACKAGES file on savannah.
> Some questions arose:
> 1) Shall we mirror all kind of packages on savannah?
> 2) Shall we add all spec files++ we receive into cvs?

I think that if we have RH, SuSE and Solaris it should be good
enough. But I like the PACKAGES file initative where other packages
and links to those are mentioned. 

> 3) Shall I put the PACKAGES file into cvs?

Yes, please, put it in the monit top-level directory. 

> In Igor's case the package is already part of a distribution
> [], so I suggest not to mirror it, as we don't
> mirror the Debian package, yet.

Agreed. I'm not sure about the Debian package. It's maintained by a
Debian package maintainer (Fredrik Steen <address@hidden>) and this
pacakage will typically not be bleeding edge. Either we can copy the
latest package from debian or mention in the PACKAGES file where to
find the Debian package.

Jan-Henrik Haukeland

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