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minor bugfixes for 2.5

From: Martin Pala
Subject: minor bugfixes for 2.5
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 21:01:58 +0200

i've uploaded some minor bugfixes on CVS:
1.) added support for %xy encoded characters in http protocol test request. All occurences of '%' was encoded as '%25' , no matter if it was part of url encoded character (only monit 2.5 affected). For example:
"/test%20page" was encoded to "/test%2520page"
new behavior:
"/test%20page" is (un)encoded corectly to "/test%20page"
If '%' in request isn't followed by two hexdigits (=> it cant be url encoded character), it is url encoded as with old behavior.
Summary: This can affect users who need to use url encoded (%xy) characters in http protocol test request - the requested page woun't be found or the query part will be damaged in the request to the server). If such characters aren't used, monit 2.5 will work without problems.
2.) there was problem with starting monit httpd on monit reinitialization. When monitrc specified not to run monit httpd in the time when monit was started and admin will later change monitrc to start monit httpd (without restarting monit),  monit httpd woun't start.
3.) few minor fixes/simplification (added missing '\n', etc.)
If it will affect any monits user until Jan will be back from holiday (primarily url encoding bug), i can release the patch for 2.5 (or you can use of course CVS development source :)

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