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Solaris packages and sol/x86 building (was Re: debian and solaris packag

From: jani . mikkonen
Subject: Solaris packages and sol/x86 building (was Re: debian and solaris packages)
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 21:02:25 +0300 (EEST)

Who is going to contrib Debian and Solaris packages?

Here's my contribution ;) Not just suggestions anymore..

Solaris 8 sparc and x86 packages. Both compiled with gcc with -O2 flags..

Few notes on x86 build..

I didnt find (lol, it can happen) any x86 machines i had working compiler environment (basicly flex was missing) so i had to build the binaries in "not-so-great-shape-customer-shellbox".

So, configure doesnt fail if yywrap aint found but if i build monit with switch -ly instead of the suggested -lfl program compiles without any warnings. Didnt test the actual binary to work at all so, if you have x86 solaris, feel free to test it.. (i actually modified to configure with added line "yacc*) ac_lib=y ;;" to yywrap test and commented out totally the test to see if $LEX="flex".. And then, ran configure with LEX=yacc .. So, is this a bug or just bad buildenvironment. Also, should monit work with yacc ?

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