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Re: [Lightweight C++] compiling with tcc

From: Stelios Xanthakis
Subject: Re: [Lightweight C++] compiling with tcc
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 13:03:26 +0300 (EET DST)

> I notice that lwc already departs with c++ regarding scoping ('::').
> I'm guessing this might only one of many departures from c++.

Yes, it's departing big time.

After the initial release I wasn't sure if it should go
for a c++ alternative or evolve with interesting new
features. However, (1) g++ is an excellent C++ compiler
and (2) there is a tool called EDG/comeau which does perfect
C++ to C conversion. It's not free but it may become in
a couple of years.

So full C++ compliance is not a goal any more.
Also, as far as tcc is concerned, tcc is not a gcc alternative
either. tcc is fun for C scripting and it is an interesting
progam, but it would be insanity to compile a big project
(mozilla, open office, etc) with it.
Moreover, the goal of "tinyness" is contradictory to the
goal of becoming a gcc alternative, and I think this may be
why Fabrice is not working with tcc these days.

If one wants OOP C scripting, lwc+tcc can be a choice.
We may add the #!/usr/bin/tcc equivalent to pass the output
to tcc for direct execution.



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