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[Linphone-developers] Question: How to silently install Linphone 3.11.1

From: Sabounji, Gregory
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Question: How to silently install Linphone 3.11.1 on Windows
Date: Tue, 16 May 2017 13:06:50 +0000

I have installed and used previous versions of Linphone (via installer file “linphone-3.6.1-setup.exe”) on Windows 7 and could silently install it from a DOS prompt – i.e., the installer had a “/silent” option (without the quotes, of course).  However I downloaded and attempted to install the latest (“Linphone-3.11.1-win32.exe”) on another Windows 7 box but it only resulted in the GUI install wizard window appearing instead, completely ignoring the “/silent” option.  I also tried the following potential options in the hopes it would install silently or at least get a help menu: “/s”, “--silent”, “/quiet”, “/q”, “--quiet”, “-q”, “/?”, “/help”, “--help”, and “-h”.   I then tried a garbage option just to see if any sort of option validation was being performed but no errors were thrown, which leads me to believe the installer is ignoring all options.  Why was the past silent option removed, or is there a way to still install it silently?  I have to install the software on several dozen more Windows 7 boxes and it would be greatly beneficial if I could script it and do so automatically.



Gregory Sabounji

e: address@hidden


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