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Re: [bug #62147] Expanded classes not printable

From: Paolo Redælli
Subject: Re: [bug #62147] Expanded classes not printable
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2022 16:27:44 +0100
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I'm quite puzzled by this issue so I think it is better to discuss it in the mailinst list.

See the recently committed test/language/expanded/test_expanded42.e

class TEST_EXPANDED42 -- Try to print an ARRAY of expanded values
insert EIFFELTEST_TOOLS redefine default_create end
create {ANY} default_create -- make
feature {ANY}
      local foo, bar: AUX_EXPANDED40_EXP -- an empty expanded class
         (<< foo, bar >> ).print_on(io)
end -- class TEST_EXP_ARRAY

expanded class AUX_EXPANDED40_EXP
-- empty class
end -- class AUX_EXPANDED40_EXP

It triggers a compile error in ANY, specifically in

         -- Append terse printable representation of current object in `tagged_out_memory'.
         locked: tagged_out_locked
         like_current: like Current
>>>>>HERE         if like_current = Void then
            -- Not an expanded type:

because an expanded class could never be compared to Void, which is the default reference (aka NULL for people accostumed to C). That piece of code prints the address (pointer) of the object.

The compiler is right - Void does not conform to any expanded object which are compared by value and not by reference.

I see three scenario:

1) we remove the feature altogether from ANY.

2) we keep it for reference objects but then ANY should have some external "built_in" features such as is_reference:BOOLEAN and is_expanded: BOOLEAN

3) we want to print the address of each and every object, even expanded one, so there must be a a function in the runtime but I fear it will be far from simple to implement.

I was going to naïvely follow scenario 1, but then I recalled that some people may rely on the output of the address...

To be truly earnest I thought that this issue is the remnant of some silly commit of mine, but as far as I can say it has been like this at least since adler-rc1 release (2009).

I wonder how such a issue has never been encountered before. It seems that people do not print expanded classes.

Il 07/03/22 11:55, Paolo Redaelli ha scritto:

                  Summary: Expanded classes not printable
                  Project: Liberty Eiffel
             Submitted by: Tybor
             Submitted on: Mon 07 Mar 2022 10:55:49 AM UTC
                 Category: Kernel libraries
                 Severity: 4 - Important
                 Priority: 5 - Normal
                   Status: Need Info
              Assigned to: None
              Open/Closed: Open
                  Release: None
          Discussion Lock: Any
            Fixed Release: None
          Planned Release: None



Let's have an
expanded class FOO
   -- empty

Any try to print it out, either in a collection (an ARRAY) or stand alone
strigger a compile time error such as:

****** Error: Invalid usage of feature `to_pointer' of class ANY. (The target
which is of type AUX_EXPANDED40_EXP cannot be converted to a memory address.)

The source lines relevant to this message are the following:

Line 284 column 13 in ANY
Line 421 column 4 in ANY
    to_pointer: POINTER


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