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Messages and hidden gems.

From: Paolo Redælli
Subject: Messages and hidden gems.
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2022 09:22:14 +0100
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Today I found this comment in COLLECTION.append_traversable

         -- Note: AFAIK it could also be implemented with other.for_each(agent add_last). Paolo 2011-08-12          -- Yes, but it MUST NOT. We are in the standard library and it must work without the GC so don't build useless
         -- objects. Cad 2015-06-03

Adrian, I never really thanked you for your incredible work on Liberty Eiffel.

The more I study its sources the more I discover hidden gems you wrote.

I pray I have the proficiencies and the willforce to continue your project with dignity and a comparable technical prowness.

Your truly,


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