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Re: Liberty-eiffel Digest, Vol 54, Issue 1

From: Paolo Redælli
Subject: Re: Liberty-eiffel Digest, Vol 54, Issue 1
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2022 09:32:03 +0100
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Il 03/03/22 09:15, Hans Zwakenberg ha scritto:
Hi Paolo,

thank you for your effort.  So you hit a brick wall of sorts...   I reckon that 
- before you commit changes of this magnitude - it would be a good idea to use 
EiffelTest at your site before committing anything to the repository.
I can see why you would want to have this implemented in Eiffel only, if only 
to ease bug hunting.
On the other side, Cyril has done a lot to implement thread-local storage (TLS) 
on the C-side.  I'll have a look to see whether this can be used in the 
C-runtime for deep_twin as well. Perhaps we'll end up with a thread-safe 
deep_twin() that way.
As far as my lacking knowledge can guide me I can say that thread local storage is one of the features that exquisitely belongs to the realm of runtimes...

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