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Re: packages upload

From: Nicholas Jankowski
Subject: Re: packages upload
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2022 15:15:53 -0400

(please keep the help list cc'd on replies)

On Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 12:26 PM Daniel Gmail <> wrote:

Yes it works as well. The problem was probably coming that my computer user name had space and strange characters. As long as I install it in a folder without space or strange characters (^), it works.

Now I have it installed in C:\Program Files\GNU Octave folder.

ok, there are knowns issues with nonstandard characters, so maybe that's not a surprise.  you may find similar issues with other parts of octave that try to make use of your local profile.

I have another problem. I tried to download and install the package econometrics. But it does not work…


I have tried to copy the downloaded file into C:\Program Files\GNU Octave\Octave-7.2.0\mingw64\share\octave\packages (in a zipped and in unzipped format) and  then use the command pkg install econometrics. But it does not work. Although the file is present, I do not see the package econometrics when I run the command pkg list


Can you help?

I will try.  using the short name of the package only works for installation if you're asking octave to fetch and install the file from the repository.  If you're installing something you've already manually downloaded, you should just save the file somewhere convenient and temporary (c:\temp or c:\octave might be best if your Desktop may have issues because of the username problem above).  then navigate to that location using the folder tree in the gui or the CD command in the command window. then "pkg install <filename>"  will attempt to install it.

alternatively you can try:   pkg install -forge econometrics 

which should fetch and install the latest version of the package.

LAST THING - the above commands will both try to install the package as a local or user package, and it will by default put it in your user profile.  if you have issues, you may want to try a 'global' package install by adding the -global to either command above. This will attempt to install it in the Octave program folders (where you copied the downloaded file to) for all users. This will fail if you don't have write privileges to those folders ,though.

if that works, you should be able to "pkg load econometrics" and start using that package's functions.

let us know how that goes.

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