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Re: Seg Fault

From: Thomas D. Dean
Subject: Re: Seg Fault
Date: Sat, 15 May 2021 13:40:37 -0700
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On 5/15/21 10:33 AM, Markus Mützel wrote:
Am 15. Mai 2021 um 19:20 Uhr schrieb "Mike Miller":
Markus Mützel:
Did you recently update to a newer Octave version?
In that case, it's necessary to re-compile the binaries that are part of any installed package. 
That might explain why it is no longer crashing after "pkg uninstall" and "pkg 
install -forge".

That seems like a problem for a stable bug fix update. It's usually
expected that oct files compiled for Octave version 6.1 will still
work with version 6.x without recompiling.

I agree > It's not clear to me which version the OP updated from (or if they
updated at all). I was assuming they updated from a version prior to Octave 6.x.

I just did a new install of Ubuntu 20.04 after replacing a disk. I cloned the repository on May 5. The octave directory was restored from backup along with /home. This is where the mismatch happened.

Binaries compiled with an older major version of Octave are probably not 
expected to work in a newer (major) version (and vice versa). Is a segfault the 
expected behavior though?

IIRC, starting with Octave 7, package binaries will be installed in paths that 
depend on the major version number by default. So that error might be somewhat 
mitigated in the future.


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