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Re: transposing comma problem

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: Re: transposing comma problem
Date: Mon, 3 May 2021 21:44:34 +0200

Am 03. Mai 2021 um 19:04 Uhr schrieb "Hamed Shakouri":
> Hi there,
> Thank you for your help.
> Yesterday I removed a few software from my laptop and reinstalled them 
> (Anaconda, Spyder, Jupyter, ...whatever I had a problem with).
> Many files related to these I deleted before reinstallation too.
> It seems the problem with running the scripts/functions is resolved.

Do I understand correctly that the problem with the single quote character 
disappeared, and it is working correctly for you now?

> However, the character of apostrophe conveyed in files edited in version 5.2 
> appear in a different shape yet:

Maybe try a different font if you don't like the one you are using currently.

> And still when I try char(<the character>) in the command line, it hangs.

Could you please explain which character you enter that causes the hang? What 
is your keyboard layout and OS locale? Which (combination of) keys do you press?

> The attached file is the one used to stop at the first transposing character.

I don't have some of the functions that are used in that script. But other than 
that, the file looks ok to me.

> The command chcp results in:
> Active code page: 437
> By the way, I suggest to the developing team to modify the line editor of the 
> command window so that with the escape key one can delete the entire current 
> line.
> Thanks, 
> Hamed. 

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