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Re: parallel 4.0.1 released

From: Marius Schamschula
Subject: Re: parallel 4.0.1 released
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2021 07:56:52 -0500


What do you get if you run

file *.oct

on any of the files installed by the parallel package?

For example, on my Intel machine (running MacPorts) I get

marius$ file /opt/local/lib/octave/packages/parallel-4.0.1/x86_64-apple-darwin18.7.0-api-v55/fsave.oct
/opt/local/lib/octave/packages/parallel-4.0.1/x86_64-apple-darwin18.7.0-api-v55/fsave.oct: Mach-O 64-bit bundle x86_64

You should get a bundle for arm64, as I do on my M1 Mac mini:

% file /opt/local/lib/octave/packages/parallel-4.0.1/aarch64-apple-darwin20.3.0-api-v55/fsave.oct
/opt/local/lib/octave/packages/parallel-4.0.1/aarch64-apple-darwin20.3.0-api-v55/fsave.oct: Mach-O 64-bit bundle arm64

If you get a x86_64 bundle, it would run a lot slower due to Rosetta. 

On Mar 23, 2021, at 12:41 AM, sshah <> wrote:

I find that on my machine (Mac mini M1), parallel 4.0.1 runs 3 x slower than
parallel 4.0.0.  What has changed?
My parallel codes on M1 used to run faster than most current generation
Intel processor instances  on AWS of similar core counts.  However, after
the 4.0.1 upgrade they are substantially slower.

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