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tiff file dp1

From: Rory Conolly
Subject: tiff file dp1
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2021 00:12:21 -0500

running Octave 6.2, Windows 10

Have this code:

     figure (1);
     clf reset;
     semilogy(concs, DPX_DR_exog,'k-','LineWidth',2)
     xlim([0 7.5])
     ylim([1.e-6 1.0])
     hold on
     xlabel('ppm formaldehyde')
     ylabel('DPX/DG adducts (pmol/mm^3)')
     set(0, "defaulttextfontname", "Helvetica")
     set(gca, "linewidth", 2, "fontsize", 18)
     print "-dtiff" "-r600" "Dosimetry_fig_4"

I think the print command in the last line should create a tiff file with 600 dpi resolution. The fiff file is created OK, but it has 96 dpi resolution, when I check it's properties tag. The file size does increase when I increase the -rNUM parameter, but the dpi stays at 96. 

Your guidance will be appreciated!

- Rory


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