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Re: Hardware to run Octave

From: Jose Ramom Flores das Seixas
Subject: Re: Hardware to run Octave
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2021 21:06:24 +0100
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Às 20:51 de 23/02/21, vrozos wrote:
Your current machine configuration, though 10 year-old, is not that bad. Do
not expect any significant improvement with a new one. You have three

1. find a more efficient algorithm for your problem,
2. if you have nested for-loops you cannot avoid, consider implementing them
in C -> mex
3. parallelization (alas, multi-core processing is not a easy thing).

BTW, if your problem involves eigenvalues, eigen-3.3.5 library does
miracles. If you need normxcorr, I can suggest a nice solution too.

Thanks to Etienne Grossmann's tips, and after some time spent investigating the use of parrarrayfun, I was able to "parallelize" my algorithm a little more and use all 4 cores of my computer, dividing the calculation time by 2.8, so that now the program takes about 6 hours to finish.

In order to help people who may have the same difficulty in understanding the spartan documentation of the parallel package, I am attaching a file with two relatively simple examples showing how to use the parrarrayfun function with one and two dimensional arrays.

Surely yours


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