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Re: Persistent issue installing the `fuzzy-logic-toolkit-0.4.5`

From: Andreas Weber
Subject: Re: Persistent issue installing the `fuzzy-logic-toolkit-0.4.5`
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2021 06:57:30 +0100
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Am 13.02.21 um 00:24 schrieb seamusdemora:
My system is Linux Ubuntu 20.04, GNU Octave, version 5.2.0

I've tried this multiple times, in multiple ways, but the result is always
the same:
pkg install -forge fuzzy-logic-toolkit
parse error near line 165 of file

   anonymous function bodies must be single expressions

   y_val = @(y_val) if (y_val == max_y) 1 else 0 endif;

Looks like this was fixed in 2018 but never released:

You can clone and build it yourself:
$ hg clone octave-fuzzy-logic-toolkit
$ make dist

in GNU Octave: "pkg install target/fuzzy-logic-toolkit-0.4.5.tar.gz"

-- Andy

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