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From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: Re: IO PACKAGE and JAVA
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 03:30:19 -0500 (CDT)

steph wrote
> On 2020/03/22 18:12, Philip Nienhuis via Help list for GNU Octave wrote:
>> steph wrote
>>> I am getting this message:
>>> Detected XLS interfaces: warning:  No Java support found (no Java JRE or
>>> JDK?)
>>> warning: called from
>>>       getxlsinterfaces at line 122 column 11
>>>       xlsopen at line 262 column 17
>>>       xlsread at line 233 column 11
>> In upcoming io-2.6.0 these messages are silenced by default. It's been on
>> the release tracker for quite a while now, hopefully it is released soon.
>> Philip
>> --
>> Sent from:
> I've just upgrade IO to 2.6.0, and now everything is not working, please 
> see below
> warning: findstr is obsolete; use strfind instead
> warning:  No Java support found (no Java JRE? no Java pkg installed AND 
> loaded?)
> warning: called from
>      getinterfaces at line 121 column 11
>      xlsopen at line 299 column 14
>      xlsread at line 331 column 11
>      fn_read_BBR_RTFO_PAV1_data at line 14 column 11
>      VE_BBR at line 81 column 61
> warning: xlsopen: no'.xlsx' spreadsheet I/O support with available 
> interfaces.
> <snipped>

Yeah that's not good, sorry for that.

There has been a large code shuffle under the hood, so something creeped in
along the way. 
Calls to findstr() shoudn't have been there AFAICR I've dropped those calls
some time ago.

So please do the following to help me figure this out:

In your Octave installation, what is the output of 
__have-feature__ ("JAVA")

Doing this:

cd (strrep (which ("xlsread"), "xlsread.m", "private"))
addpath (pwd)
edit getinterfaces.m

and then, in L.56 (empty line) of getinterfaces.m, insert the statement:
  has_java = 0;

so that it looks like

  if (isempty (has_java))
    has_java = __have_feature__ ("JAVA");
  has-java = 0;
  if  (isempty (interfaces.COM) && isempty (interfaces.JXL) ...

save getinterfaces.m

go back to your working directory,

and try your code again, what do you get?


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