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Re: pkg update - geometry warnings / errors on 5.2.0

From: Mike Miller
Subject: Re: pkg update - geometry warnings / errors on 5.2.0
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 12:09:23 -0800

On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 12:00:42 -0500, Nicholas Jankowski wrote:
> Last time i did this at CLI.  This time in the GUI. That original geometry
> warning set did use colorful markup. After the update was complete, the
> color setting stayed and changed my text to a too-light-to-see-well gray.
> see attached.  I didn't actually know the gui could do colorful text.  back
> to normal after a restart, not sure how I would have otherwise changed it
> back.

Seems this patch may not be working as intended


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