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Re: Octave 5.10 Issues under Windows 10

From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: Re: Octave 5.10 Issues under Windows 10
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2019 14:08:47 -0500 (CDT)

Joe Tusek wrote
> Hi,
> This is my first post and am new to Octave. After using it for a few
> months I note the following issues,

Thanks for taking the trouble to report your findings, user feedback is
always appreciated.
Some of the issues you mention have been solved already.  Did you have a
look at the bug tracker,[]=0&resolution_id[]=0&assigned_to[]=0&category_id[]=0&bug_group_id[]=0&advsrch=0&msort=0&chunksz=50&spamscore=5&report_id=100&sumORdet=&morder=bug_id%3C&offset=0#results
(watch out for line break)
and its search function,
Admittedly it takes a bit of trying to search there, Savannah isn't the most
user-friendly out there, more importantly is that bugs often tend to express
themselves in deceiving ways: you sometimes think it is clearly due to some
function where the bug shows up while the actual cause is in an entirely
different part of Octave. A nice example is your 4th issue. Trying different
search terms will help.

>   1.  When the floating command window is closed it cannot be opened and
> resized afterwards, which means that I have restart Octave to get it back
> to useful. I use the command and edit windows undocked, as separate
> windows. One way to make it happen is to close all the  "Show XXXX...." 
> options under the Window menu item and then restore the command window
> with Show Command Window option. It results in a small box and does not
> respond to maximising by clicking on the menu item or to the resize arrows
> that it shows.

Yes, I can see that with Octave-6.0.0 (development version). I guess you're
one of the very few users that have the command window pane undocked., so
this hasn't been noted before.
Would you please file a bug report for the undocked and then closed command
pane? See here:

>   2.  One of my scripts generates a lot of open plots,  ~<30 but always
> greater than 10. When I use "close all" sometimes it stops part way
> through and then hangs, needing a restart.

Could this be bug 55908 ?

>   3.  I did have and issue with not being able to change the position of
> the central vertical divider (left or right to where I wanted) on the main
> Octave window. It happened a few times but I am not able to identify a
> reliable pathway to repeating it atm.

IIRC I brought something like this up (maybe 1 or 2 years ago or even
longer) for horizontal dividers where the divider is invisible but it hasn't
been solved yet. It seems to be due to the interaction between Qt (where
Octave's GUI is based on) and Windows themes. Maybe another Windows theme
can help.

I usually move the mouse cursor slowly up and down or horizontally until the
cursor change appeareance, then resizing works reliably.

>   4.  When I use "xls = xlsclose (xls);" to close a spreadsheet, it closes
> not only the spreadsheet I had opened but also removes all the open files
> in the Editor pane, leaving it blank. I have to reload all the files in
> the editor after each run if I want them.

This is bug 56762 ( that actually is a
duplicate of bug 55823 (

So you see some bugs have already been fixed, the wait is for a new release.


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