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Octave 5.10 Issues under Windows 10

From: Joe Tusek
Subject: Octave 5.10 Issues under Windows 10
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2019 01:49:27 +0000



This is my first post and am new to Octave. After using it for a few months I note the following issues,


  1. When the floating command window is closed it cannot be opened and resized afterwards, which means that I have restart Octave to get it back to useful. I use the command and edit windows undocked, as separate windows. One way to make it happen is to close all the  “Show XXXX….”  options under the Window menu item and then restore the command window with Show Command Window option. It results in a small box and does not respond to maximising by clicking on the menu item or to the resize arrows that it shows.
  2. One of my scripts generates a lot of open plots,  ~<30 but always greater than 10. When I use “close all” sometimes it stops part way through and then hangs, needing a restart.
  3. I did have and issue with not being able to change the position of the central vertical divider (left or right to where I wanted) on the main Octave window. It happened a few times but I am not able to identify a reliable pathway to repeating it atm.
  4. When I use “xls = xlsclose (xls);” to close a spreadsheet, it closes not only the spreadsheet I had opened but also removes all the open files in the Editor pane, leaving it blank. I have to reload all the files in the editor after each run if I want them.


One augmentation suggestion, would be to allow a copy figure option on the plot outputs rather than having to save the image to use it.






Joe Tusek (BE MBA)
Technical Director
23 Warabrook Boulevard, Warabrook, NSW 2304
P +61 2 4961 9000  M +61 418 669 250


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