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Installing "mpi" Package

From: benjifado
Subject: Installing "mpi" Package
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2019 10:24:00 -0500 (CDT)

I'm trying to install the "mpi" package using:

>> pkg install -forge mpi

but I'm receiving these error messages:

sh: 1: gzip: not found
unpack: unarchiving program exited with status: 127
sh: 1: tar: not found
error: called from
    unpack at line 257 column 5
    untar at line 47 column 5
    install at line 84 column 9
    pkg at line 437 column 9

I've also tried downloading the tar.gz file from Octave Forge and installing
the package that way, but it gives me the same errors. Does anyone know why
this is? I am new to Octave, so any help is appreciated.

I am Using Octave 4.4.1 on Raspbian. 

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