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Oct File Access Array Elements

From: Thomas D. Dean
Subject: Oct File Access Array Elements
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2019 22:01:24 -0700
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I have an application that calls a C library function to get a list of values. These values are uint8_t. The function call seems to work OK, but, I am having problems getting the data back to octave.

   A = mufunc()

After reading the source code and the docs, I believe

        dim_vector dv(1, 2);
        dv(0) = 1;
        dv(1) = 2048;
        uint8NDArray out(dv);

is the best definition to do this.

The code that reads the device and returns values to octave is:

        OCTAVE_LOCAL_BUFFER (double, dev_dat, 2048)
        rc = read_dev(dev, dev_dat)
        copy data into out  --- how?
        return octave_value(out);

How do I either use the array out in the call to read_dev or iterate and copy the values from dev_dat into out?

How do I assign values to members of the uint8NDArray out?

Or, better, how do I pass the uint8NDArray into the call to read_dev()?

Tom Dean

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