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From: Zach
Subject: Bug
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019 13:26:04 -0500

Hi Folks!

I'm Zach Bechhoefer, an octave user. I was playing with octave when I found what seems to be a bug. I thought that I had read somewhere not to use this email to send bug reports, but when I reported the issue to Github, I was pointed to this email.

The bug is as I reported it:

 just upgraded to the latest octave, and ran the code in the screenshot below. This causes a freeze which resolves to "octave exited with signal 6" in my CLI. I'm on Linux Mint, this is also apparent on Windows. This is a bug... yes?

Edit: There was a similar problem when I tried a 'try' exception handling statement.


(end report)

For me, on Linux, this bug crashes with an exit status of 6, for Windows I think it just hangs up for awhile and reports a syntax error.

Here's the original post:



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