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Re: Octave-Forge: Redesign with responsive layout

From: Oliver Heimlich
Subject: Re: Octave-Forge: Redesign with responsive layout
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2018 06:47:00 +0200
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Hi Carnë,

yes, it is planned that the website will finally use no JavaScript at all.

Currently it is still used on old, non-responsive content to embed the new 
header (like before). New content is already 100% free from JS.

Thank you very much for your nice feedback.


Am 1. September 2018 03:42:35 MESZ schrieb "Carnë Draug" <address@hidden>:
>On Sun, 26 Aug 2018 at 13:20, Oliver Heimlich <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> this weekend I have published a redesign of our Octave-Forge website.
>> [...]
>> I have tested the new design and hope you like it. Please let me
>> if any changes break your workflow or there are rendering issues on
>> certain browsers.
>The new site looks very nice.  I really like the icon of Octave with
>multiple sciences around it.
>I have been lately navigating the web with javascript turned off and I
>find it kinda sad how much it is used to serve static content.  This
>also happens in the Octave Forge site.  At the moment, the header bar,
>which is needed for basic navigation of the site, is not displayed
>unless javascript is available.  Would be nice if javascript is not
>required for essential functionality, specially since the site is
>mainly static.
>Note that this is not an issue of the new site you've done, this issue
>already existed before.  I'm just bringing it up because you're
>remaking on it and would be nice if that issue could be sorted at the
>same time.

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