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Re: Test on Mac OSX Bundle 4.0.3

From: Sebastian Schöps
Subject: Re: Test on Mac OSX Bundle 4.0.3
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2018 23:54:42 -0700 (MST)

Andreas Weber-6 wrote
> Does someone use the Mac OSX Bundle 4.0.3
> and can try this demo for me?:
> I have a report from an user that it only shows the plot but all
> uicontrols are missing.
> If someone can reproduce this, it would be interesting if uicontrols in
> general doesn't work on MacOSX.

Is there a particular reason that you ask for the results of the "ancient"
4.0.3? I could easily test with 4.4 from If you
really want 4.0.3, then let me know.


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