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Re: [Signal PKG] limited slope

From: Renato S. Yamane
Subject: Re: [Signal PKG] limited slope
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:25:47 +0100

2017-12-14 14:41 GMT+01:00 Maynard Wright <address@hidden>:
> On Thursday, December 14, 2017 08:39:08 AM Renato S. Yamane wrote:
>> Regarding the code below, someone have an idea why I have this limit
>> in low frequencies?
>> [...]
> At first glance, I notice that "length" is misspelled as "lenght" in the
> function noise().

But, of course, this is not the problem...
You can write it even as "lengghhttyy" if it's defined in the
beggining of the code.


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