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print command prints postscript source

From: Adrian Mariano
Subject: print command prints postscript source
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2015 17:07:34 -0500
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I'm using octave 4.0.0 under linux with the cups print server,
connecting to a network printer, an HP ink jet (8610).  At my command
line I can print postscript and pdf files without problem, e.g. by
typing "lpr".  I assume that this works because ghostscript
converts the input into some form the printer understands---but I
don't know what the printer's native language is.

But if I issue the command "print" from octave I get a couple lines of
postscript on the first page and then the printer starts spewing blank
sheets of paper.  If I do "print -dpdf" the printer makes a few noises
and then nothing happens. 

If I do "print" from Octave and then go to a command line and
type "lpr" then it prints correctly.

It appears that somehow Octave is bypassing the normal print mechanism
and forcing the postscript file to print as text.  Can anybody shed
any light on this situation?

I tried to look at print.m to figure out what it's doing, it didn't
seem that this code was actually getting called, and from
what I can tell it just calls __opengl_print__, which I couldn't find
anywhere.  So this wasn't enlightening.

Anybody have advice on how to print from octave?

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