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Re: DistMesh on Octave

From: Carlo De Falco
Subject: Re: DistMesh on Octave
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 14:32:17 +0000

On 14 Mar 2015, at 23:25, GMARK <address@hidden> wrote:

> I am wondering if anyone is currently using DistMesh to generate unstructured
> triangular mesh. I use this package long time ago with Matlab and now I am
> attempting to give it a try in Octave. Have anyone use this package by any
> chance so it make my life easier?
> Any response would be appreciated

Oh, I vaguely recall running this in Octave five or so years ago ...

Is there any reason why you would need to use this specific package
for generating unstructured meshes of simplices in Octave?

There are other options available through the 'msh' package and the 
data sructure used is the same as in distmesh, in case you need compatibility 


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