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Re: Cannot print plots that have ylabel in Linux Mint

From: Gsparky
Subject: Re: Cannot print plots that have ylabel in Linux Mint
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2015 18:04:06 -0700 (PDT)

Posted this in the other thread I seem to have created. Just want to cover
all of the bases.

After playing around some more, I think I've identified why I seem to be the
only person with this problem. I created a routine that creates a filled
area of a plot. I created the routine when I used to use Freemat, which
doesn't have a "fill" command. The way the routine works is that it creates
thousands of side-by-side lines. In the plot, it looks like a solid color.
Apparently, Ghostscript has an issue with this when I go to use either the
"print" or "saveas" command.

As for the other problem, not being able to print using the "ylabel" in a
plot, I resolved that problem by installing the latest version of Octave,
3.8.2, from source. It was a pain, but I can now save plots, so long as I
don't have one of my special "fill" areas.

I don't know how to mark this thread as "Solved" or "Yeah, I figure it out,
and there's no clear solution other than don't use my fill routine", but
consider this one finished.

Thanks again!

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