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greek characters with fltk graphical toolkit from octave

From: Philippe Piot
Subject: greek characters with fltk graphical toolkit from octave
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 05:28:25 -0600

Dear All,
  I recently switched from the gnuplot to the fltk toolkit for
graphical display with octave 3.6.4 following a suggestion as I was
trying to have better control over label positions etc...
  I am running under mac OS 3.8 and noticed that the usual greek
symbol insertion using the tex interpreter does not work in my case.
Is there anything special I should do when attempting to use greek
symbols in, e.g., labels?
  For instance
  xlabel ('t (\mu s)') works well with gnuplot (i.e. it displays the
\mu symbol correctly) while it displays a '\mu' string instead of the
corresponding symbol when used in fltk.

  Right now I just invoke graphics_toolkit fltk to sart the fltk
toolkit and do not set any other option(s). Thank you very much for
any help,

           -- Philippe.

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