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Building 64bit Windows version on Ubuntu with mingw64

From: Renaud Gaujoux
Subject: Building 64bit Windows version on Ubuntu with mingw64
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 23:12:15 +0200


I would like to get a 64bit Windows version of Octave:

  * is this possible at all and does it exist somewhere for download, like the 32bits version?
  * is it possible to build it from Ubuntu. I came across this promising thread:
I am having trouble due to source packages that cannot be downloaded due to an annoying proxy that gets in the middle. These mostly seem to be required for build tools. However I already have all mingw64 binaries installed from the Ubuntu repository. Is it possible to specify mex to use these instead of downloading and building them again? 
I followed the requirement instructions from the mex website which basically install these packages, so it really feels strange to have to build them from source. But the mex makefile on the github repo is also quite different from the one that ships with mex-octave, which possibly diverged since the time it was forked.

Thank you.


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