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Re: How to create a GUI for a program using Octave? Is it possible?

From: Helios de Rosario
Subject: Re: How to create a GUI for a program using Octave? Is it possible?
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 14:35:36 +0200

>>> Eric Coleman address@hidden> 25/10/2013 14:23 >> escribió:

on Oct 25, 2013, Helios de Rosario <address@hidden>

>>> El día 22/10/2013 a las 22:59, Orestes Mesquita Kunze Bastos
<address@hidden> escribió:
> Hi there! My name is Orestes, i am working on a project in UFAL
> University of Alagoas) Brazil, ouy objective is to create a Graphic
> for a program another student will create... This GUI of ours should
be able 
> to have input capabilities, to accept data from us and generate
graphics via 
> plot functions, we want it to be as easy to use as possible... I know
i ask a 
> lot but first i want to know if it is possible...

Some distributions of Octave include (limited) functionality for
interactive controls in figures, via Qthandles.
You can try:

octave:1> graphics_toolkit qt
octave:2> figure
octave:3> uicontrol("style","pushbutton","string","button")

Dear Helios,

As a suggestion, there is a  GUI  for Octave available. It is Qt
It can be found in your repository. I use it in Fedora.
Good Luck,
Eric Coleman

Yes, and there will be a native GUI for Octave in future releases. But
I think that the OP did not ask that FAQ, but something different: if he
could use Octave to create his own GUI _for other programs_ (that would
plot and analyse data with Octave, I guess).

Please, also remember to copy the help-octave list in your answers, and
answer by bottom-posting, as recommended for this list.

Best regards

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