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Re: Is this copyright/license agreement Octave-compatible

From: Joshua Rigler
Subject: Re: Is this copyright/license agreement Octave-compatible
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 15:21:59 -0700
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John W. Eaton wrote:
On 18-Nov-2007, Josh Rigler wrote:

| Just to be clear, the license states that it *can* be sold for profit, | with caveats that are, practically speaking, no more restrictive than | other software licenses that are widely accepted as GPL compatible | (e.g., NetCDF or HDF).

What are the restrictions in the HDF or NetCDF licenses?


The URLs to the respective licenses are here:

...and here:

The restrictions are simply that the license text, including any disclaimers and citation requirements, must be kept intact in the distributed code.

The point I was trying to make about CDF was that all that is required of someone who wants to distribute the source code is that they insert the CDF license text into the source code (oddly, none of their source code actually includes the license in it, only their web page), and that the source code be part of a "substantive product", if and only if the product is sold for profit.

The *only* added restriction associated with CDF is the ambiguous "substantive product" stipulation, and I am not really willing to argue the legal meaning of this phrase. Nor am I willing to make yet another attempt to change the minds of the CDF developers at NASA about the text of their license. So, unless you, and all of Octave's main developers, are amenable to interpreting the phrase "substantive product" in a very broad sense (and I certainly wouldn't fault you for not doing so), there is little point in pursuing this issue further.


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