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Re: Folium of Descartes

From: Muthiah Annamalai
Subject: Re: Folium of Descartes
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 17:59:26 -0600
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Giovanni Lovato wrote:
How can I draw the Folium of Descartes in Octave?
In Matlab I did:

f = sym('x^3-x^2+y^2');

Various Octave tutorials explain how to draw simple functions in one
variable, but I can't find a way to draw functions in two (or more)
 I'm a very newbie of Octave (and Matlab too), maybe it's silly
questions - in this case, sorry :)

Thanks in advance,
Apparently the right (I dont have Matlab, so I assume here) way, to do this is

func = inline ( vectorize ( 'x^3-x^2+y^2' ) );
y = linspace(-2*pi, + 2*pi, 100);
x = y;

z = func(x,y);
plot3 (x,y,z)

On the other hand, I think its not too difficult to have Octave's own version
of ezplot.


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