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Re: 1st time installing -- Problem with my fortran implementation??

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: 1st time installing -- Problem with my fortran implementation??
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 04:42:22 -0500

On Nov 7, 2007, at 12:34 AM, Garrett Pitcher wrote:

Hello all,

I'm trying to compile Octave-2.9.11 and install on Mac
OS X 10.4.  I downloaded/installed a gfortran binary
and gnuplot/aquaterm.  The configure script now runs
through ... my understanding of most of the script is
limited but as far as I can tell there are no errors.
Last few lines are:

Octave is now configured for i386-apple-darwin8.10.1

  Source directory:     .
  Installation prefix:  /usr/local
  C compiler:           gcc  -mieee-fp  -Wall -W
-Wshadow -g -O2
  C++ compiler:         g++  -mieee-fp  -Wall -W
-Wshadow -Wold-style-cast -g -O2
  Fortran compiler:     gfortran -O -mieee-fp
  Fortran libraries:
-lz -lm -lgfortranbegin -lgfortran
  BLAS libraries:        -framework vecLib
  FFTW libraries:
  GLPK libraries:
  UMFPACK libraries:
  AMD libraries:
  CAMD libraries:
  COLAMD libraries:
  CCOLAMD libraries:
  CHOLMOD libraries:
  CXSPARSE libraries:
  HDF5 libraries:
  CURL libraries:
  REGEX libraries:
  LIBS:                  -lncurses -lz -lm
  Default pager:        less
  gnuplot:              gnuplot

  Do internal array bounds checking:  false
  Build static libraries:             false
  Build shared libraries:             true
  Dynamic Linking:                    true (dyld)
  Include support for GNU readline:   false
  64-bit array dims and indexing:     false

I'm not sure about the missing libraries, there were
some subsequent warnings about that but I expected it
to build.  But when I run make, I don't get very far:

make -f octMakefile all
making octave-bug from
octave-bug is unchanged
chmod a+rx octave-bug
making octave-config from
octave-config is unchanged
chmod a+rx octave-config
making mkoctfile from
mkoctfile is unchanged
chmod a+rx mkoctfile
making run-octave from
run-octave is unchanged
chmod a+rx "run-octave"
make -C libcruft all
making mkf77def from
mkf77def is unchanged
chmod a+rx mkf77def
make -C amos all
making dgamln.def from dgamln.f
dgamln.def-t is empty!
make[3]: *** [dgamln.def] Error 1
make[2]: *** [amos] Error 2
make[1]: *** [libcruft] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

Can somebody make a suggestion to help me proceed??

On OS X 10.4 I use Fink to satisfy the dependencies.

MacPorts may also be used to manage dependencies, building and installing.

You might do the same. Fink will install 2.9.14 painlessly for you ... or you can refer to Fink's configutation files to determine what dependencies are required.

At present, those are

BuildDepends: glpk-dev, hdf5, readline5, texinfo, g95 (>= 0.50-20060321), libncurses5, fftw3, texi2html, tetex-base, libcurl4, sed, pcre

Depends: glpk-shlibs, gnuplot | gnuplot-nox, readline5-shlibs, fftw3- shlibs, hdf5-shlibs, ncurses, libncurses5-shlibs, aquaterm, libcurl4- shlibs, pcre-shlibs, qhull

BuildConflicts: coot-dev, broken-gcc, lammpi-dev

For full sparse matrix support, add SuiteSparse to the list. MacPorts does this by default, and is coming soon to Fink.


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