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Re: Signal Processing GUI

From: Javier Arantegui
Subject: Re: Signal Processing GUI
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 09:32:43 +0100
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El Martes, 6 de Noviembre de 2007, Jonathan Cole escribió:
> Thanks guys. That was my reaction, but he will only be spending one
> afternoon lab on this, and the focus is to be singal processing rather than
> using octave. Not to worry, I am sure he can find something else to do with
> them.

Maybe you could check QtOctave (*). It has a widgetserver that lets the user 
to add new menus and create dialog boxes to interact with Octave. I think 
that it is not difficult to use, but I have not used it yet. Maybe you could 
create a quick GUI for your students.



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